There are situations where a simple root canal procedure fails or is not easily done due to calcium deposits in the canals. And other times when extreme pain persists even without x-ray evidence of fracture or extra canals. Apicoectomy is a surgical procedure that is often used as a last resort to save your natural tooth.

During Apicoectomy the dentist goes through the gum tissue and bone to inspect and treat the root area. The diseased part of the root is removed and filled to seal and protect the canal from being reinfected. The dentist might need to place medicaments and bone graft material in the area to facilitate healing.  A couple of stitches wil be used to close the gum tissue over the treated area.

Most patients are able to resume light regular activities the next day. As with any dental surgery, there is some discomfort and possible swelling after an apicoectomy. Your dentist will be able to personalize a post-operative protocol specific to your needs.