Cosmetic Dentistry

There are different ways to change the way teeth look and make the SMILE look beautiful. That is Cosmetic Dentistry. This depends on the individual goals and what a person perceives as beautiful for himself. One of the simplest and non-invasive ways is to recontour teeth by filing it until the shape is pleasing to the patient’s eyes. Another is to place white fillings to change the appearance a little bit, especially on those teeth that have been filled with silver restorations. Teeth whitening is also a non-invasive way to brighten and whiten teeth when the shape is already satisfactory. In more complex cases, especially when it comes to changing the appearance of a lot of teeth, procedures like putting veneers or crowns might be needed. Veneers are restorations that are placed on the front part of the tooth after a little bit of tooth surface removal to accommodate the material which can be made of composite or porcelain. The crown is a full coverage of the tooth which would require much more tooth surface removal on all sides to make room for the material which can be made of porcelain fused to metal or all ceramic materials. These options will be discussed with the patient using a diagnostic model of the patient’s teeth that have been altered by the dentist as he seems fit by what he sees as beautiful.