Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with correcting the position of the teeth and the
relationship of the upper jaw to the lower jaw. This is done by aligning the teeth when they are
crowded or has spacing to ensure a more cosmetic appearance and the easier maintenance of
gums and teeth to further avoid cavities and gum disease from occurring. Orthodontics also
treat jaw relationships that produce overbites, underbites and jaw relationships that can cause
muscles to strain more than normal that can result to headaches, TMJ issues, neck, shoulder and
back problems. Orthodontics can be done by using wires, elastics and brackets that are attached
to the teeth or it can also be done with removable appliances such as retainers, Invisalign, clear
aligners or other oral appliances that will assist in moving teeth. In cases where the jaw
relationship is being corrected, the teeth are aligned first, then a surgical procedure is done to

put the jaws in the right relationship and ties the upper and lower together for a temporary
period to stabilize the bone and let the area heal.